Saturday submissive

Wednesday Wishes. Kneel and stare at her beauty and her power over you. Listen to your heart pound as you nervously await her direction.

New piece

“Come here and see what I have for you Sweetie.” She opens her stilletto thigh booted legs and you realise what she has in store for you. Do as you are told and submit to your deepest fetishes.

Lost in her

All you want is to be touched by her fingernails, kissed by her lips. All you want is to be hers.

“Kiss me, Sweetie “

She takes your head in her hands and pulls you close. You feel her hot breath and inhale her intoxifying scent as she moves closer and kisses you as you’ve never been kissed before


“That’s right Sweetie. Take a good breath because you’ll be down there a while”. She lowers herself into you and you take in her smell and taste before you surrender to her control and pleasure.

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“She tugs at your chains and you move in close. You feel her hot breath and inhale her scent as she whispers… \”Come to me.\” You are hers.\n\nOne off original artwork. Comes mounted ready to frame.\n\nA3 finished size.\n\nAnother new piece added to the shop.”


Thursday’s Theme

Here’s a short video of some of my favourite pieces to whet your Thursday’s thoughts