I started drawing at a young age, sat with my father learning how to draw aircraft and shading to give perspective. Drawing has always remained a hobby, and despite gaining Graphic Design Qualifications my career never followed that path. There have been numerous gaps in my drawing over the years for various reasons, however I recently picked up the pencils again and realised it was time to be more open about what I really get pleasure from drawing.

Over the years I have drawn all manner of subjects, from aircraft, cars, animals, and hot rods. I have designed marketing posters and leaflets for automotive events, and designed a number of tattoos. Whilst I still draw animals and vehicles, however, the real pleasure for me is tattoos, and then erotic and sexual artwork that covers fetishes and fantasies. Whilst of a sexual nature, I do not feel they are too explicit and if you are easily offended then I would ask that you leave the site now. If you enjoy exploring your kinky side and don’t mind looking further, then be my guest and enter. ⁰

The real pleasure is Fetish, erotic and sexual artwork

All my work is available to own. Most of it is my own inspiration, but some is based around commissions that I have been asked to do. I hope you enjoy. If you would like to own one of the pieces please contact me to discuss, and payment is via PayPal. I’m happy to discount prices even more for more than one purchase, and for regular customers

Thank you for visiting. Please, Come again.

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