Favourite Fetish

Sometimes you work on a piece and it turns out okay. Sometimes better than that, and sometimes you just can’t stop looking at it. Here are some of my favourites. I hope you agree.

“Home. Where you belong.” I love this piece. Totally submissive. Totally dominant. Totally sexy
I like this one for her cocky stance, and smile. Leaves the mind to wander.
Not a new one, but an old favourite worthy of a feature I think. I like it that much its tattooed on my forearm. Cheers!
I like this one because it ticks a lot of fetish boxes. I’m sure you will agree.
Here’s the latest. Time to Reflect. A bit of bondage, submission, fetish. Tattoo or frame for the wall?
Grey doesn’t have to be dreary.  Grey can be fun.  Grey can be shiny pvc. Grey can be
I like this one for its simplicity yet suggestiveness. Mounted portrait or landscape’ it’s also versatile.
I really love this piece. I’m really happy with the way it works. The silent seduction of a snake moving between her manicured fingernails hypnotism you further under her spell.
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