More updates

I’ve added some more work to the website today and made a few updates, and deleted a few old pieces.

New posts

Check out the Tattoo page for new additions. Theres a new group of Fetish Tattoos to tingle the taste buds!!

Etsy listing available in my shop

Check out this item in my Etsy shop


Surrender your will to her and serve her every desires

“Come here, theres a good boy”

As she holds the gag in her hands, her long painted fingernails glisten in the light. She tells you what to do, and you open wide. More at my Etsy shop @Artoffetish

Have a Sexy Saturday

Heres a fetish collection of some of my favourites. Submissive, fetish, Femdom, Dominatrix, and more. All available to own. Contact me for details.

“Home, and ready to serve “

You kneel before her, bound and hooded. You can only see and barely breathe. She holds your head, and your will, in her hands as you await to fulfill her fetish desires

In the palm of her hand

Mistress has you in the palm of her hand. She is your fetish dream. She controls your pleasure, pain and purpose. This would make a great tattoo design