“Follow me”

She looks down at you, smirks and licks her glossy red lips. She whispers tw words…”Follow me”. She turns her back to you and moves away. You follow her and await her next command

Work in progress

Chained and helpless. You are at her mercy. She can do with you as she pleases. Take you to the edge time after time until you explode

“Serve me”

You stare at her stilletto heels. She dangles her manicured fingernails and stares down at you. You wait for her command, and you will serve her with pleasure.


You stand before her, naked and under her spell. She stares hard into your soul, as she moves down your body. Her manicured fingernails scratch lightly as she makes her way down. You close your eyes and grasp as she captures every inch of you.

Black Lines Matter

Simple but effective. Black, with grey and white highlights here and there, plus of course a little red livener. Enjoy