Tattoo Gallery

Heres some ideas for tattoos. Whether you’re theme is traditional, sexy or fetish, if theres nothing here, get in touch and let’s create something together. Here you can own one of the designs to either frame or have a very unique piece of body art. Of course use is not restricted to tattoos, any of these would look nice on the wall, in a nice frame. You decide.

All designs are on A3 heavyweight smooth 220gsm paper, and all available for £20 each plus postage.


Fetish is a favourite subject of mine, particularly Femdom. A beautiful dominant woman in control of her submissive and devoted male servant. The subject has many interpretations, and here are some of mine. All designs are available to own and are £20 plus postage


Knife tattoos provide a useful frame to fit a theme into a body part such as a forearm or lower leg muscle (calf). I enjoy drawing these because you can make a snapshot of your fetish but contain it enough to tease the imagination. Watch this space, one or more of these will be on me before long! Which one would be your tattoo?

You can still see the sexual, erotic influence in most of my tattoo designs too. But don’t let that stop you getting in touch to discuss your idea.

Dont forget…

All of the work is available to own. If you see something you like, get in touch via the contact page. Payment is PayPal, and post is Royal Mail 1st class recorded. You can also purchase via my Etsy shop @Artoffetish

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